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An ancient curse. A haunted morgue. Boneless corpses and missing bodies. Gruesome murders and centuries-old mysteries. And a complex young woman with a dark, painful past, determined to get to the bottom of it all.


After the death of her father, troubled pre-med student Jennifer Shelby can no longer pay her tuition. Forced to drop out, she lands a night job at the New York City Morgue, as a way to pay the rent and quietly figure out her next move. Her sanctuary of silence among the dead is unexpectedly shattered by Trevor Pryce, an English heartthrob movie star and notorious tabloid bad boy, recently sentenced to community service... at the morgue. Trevor’s reckless behavior and disrespect for the dead unleashes a centuries-old curse that causes the already haunted morgue to erupt in a unearthly spectacle of carnage and terror, revealing deeply hidden secrets from which Jennifer must save them both. In the process, she discovers the t